Hurricane Sandy

Of course I don’t have much to say about the storm, other than I’m pleased that my utilities have stayed on and I haven’t seen any trees obliterated…so far.  However, it is worth noting that where I live is notoriously susceptible to flooding.  As of 9:30am the tidal flooding hit it’s peak causing my apartment building to be almost completely surrounded by water.

I’m on the third floor, so the floor water isn’t doing me much harm, other than keeping me in place.  Meanwhile, as I watch the rain come down trucks, jeeps, vans one by one drown out in full view of my balcony.  It’s very unfortunate because it’s comparable to driving through a lake, and it’s obvious to from behind the wheel. Because I really think they are worth sharing, here are a couple short videos of the flooding in my immediate vicinity.

Back parking lot:

Front of building, looking down on Haven Creek Boat Ramp:

Lastly, I’ve aggregated all of my photos into a public album on Google+ if anyone would like to see more pictures of my waterfront (and back) view.  Stay safe everyone.