Venus in the Sky

After walking around for 20 minutes trying to make a pinhole camera with index finger I decided to stop ruining my eyes and enjoy the sunset. After all, the really impressive imagery is being streamed live over the internet. On my way back to my apartment I noticed a small group of Jehovah’s Witnesses enjoying the transit outside of their Kingdom Hall. Since they had a couple of fancy reflector telescopes set up, I decided it would be worth it to introduce myself and get a look at their setup. Oddly enough no one responded to my introduction, so I just admired the projection of the transit as they spoke amongst themselves. Below is the photograph I took with my cellphone.

Transit reflected on projector screen.

The transit through a reflector telescope.

Overall, I’m really happy they were out observing so that I could get a view of the event directly. I also decided to take a photo of the sunset for reference.

Sunset during the transit.

Sunset during the transit with slight cloud cover.

Look out for the next transit of Venus in 2117!