Just Do It

I have a terrible habit of grabbing a technical book, reading the first two chapters, and then putting it down to read the first two chapters of another technical book. I’ve tried to keep myself on task with several tools; tasks on Google calendar, chorewars.com, and now schooltraq.com.

My latest book to finish is MongoDB in Action.  I’m a few pages into chapter 3 and I’m up to my old tricks again.  The only thing I can think to do is just keep going, and maybe write about it a bit to remind myself not to give in.  So I don’t forget, here are some reasons why I need to finish this book:

  • I need to do a better job finishing what I start, and now is when I need to do it.
  • It’s about time I learn the virtues of NoSQL.
  • MongoDB has an excellent Python driver, it’s a shame not to use it.
  • SQLite (my goto small application database) isn’t designed for the web domain.
  • The book uses Ruby and Javascript in examples, which I want to give more attention.
  • I am starting a web inventory project and these topics need to be learned.

Well unless I can train a capuchin monkey to bite me when I try to start reading something else, I will have to be accountable for myself.  Time to get back to reading…